Lindsay Lohan's 3 Siblings: All About Michael Jr., Aliana and Dakota (2024)

Lindsay Lohan may not have a twin like in The Parent Trap, but she does have three younger siblings, Michael Jr., Aliana and Dakota.

The Mean Girls star and her brothers and sister were born to parents Michael and Dina Lohan in New York.

As the oldest of three siblings, Lindsay led the pack with her career. When she was 3, she became a child model with Ford Models before breaking into the acting world by age 10.

Michael Jr. initially followed in his sister’s footsteps, starting as a child model and appearing briefly in The Parent Trap. He eventually went to college to study business and pursued a career in his degree.

All About Lindsay Lohan's Parents, Dina Lohan and Michael Lohan

Aliana was also signed with Ford Models when she was young and continues to walk in fashion shows as an adult. She’s made uncredited appearances in many of her sister’s movies and has shown her passion for music, releasing solo work over the years. Though Dakota spent most of his early life out of the spotlight, he also became a model like his older siblings.

In recent years, Lindsay has become more private about her personal life, especially her family, including her husband, Bader Shammas, and their son, Luai. She told Cosmopolitan in October 2022 that she had a “small” circle of people close to her and emphasized the importance of her family.

“I have an amazing husband, who’s a very calm person. Just the best,” she explained. “And my family. And I feel like I have a small group of good friends who are just really good people. That’s the only support that I really need: friends, family, and loved ones.”

Here is everything to know about Lindsay Lohan’s siblings — Michael Jr., Aliana and Dakota — and their relationship with their actress sister.

They were born and raised in New York

Lindsay and her siblings were raised in New York. While she was born in New York City, her younger siblings were born on Long Island, where the family was raised. Michael Jr. attended Sanford H. Calhoun High School in Merrick, Long Island, where he graduated in 2006. According to The New York Times, Aliana played soccer for a local travel team, the Merrick Jaguars, when she was a pre-teen.

The actress’ mother, Dina, reflected on her daughters’ childhoods in a November 2020 episode of her podcast, Listen to me, The OG MAMA D!. As children, Lindsay and Aliana were involved in dance, a hobby that came naturally because their mom was a trained dancer and teacher, per The New York Times.

“My girls grew up dancing. I taught everywhere, pretty much, every dance studio on Long Island and in Manhattan,” she explained. “They would always come, and since they were little, Lindsay would sit and make faces in the mirror. She was an actress at 2.”

Lindsay and her siblings entered the spotlight at a young age

Lindsay Lohan's 3 Siblings: All About Michael Jr., Aliana and Dakota (2)

While some of Lindsay’s siblings followed her in her footsteps, others carved out a path of their own.

Michael Jr. was a Ford Model when he was a kid and appeared in The Parent Trap, but the spotlight wasn’t ultimately for him. He told the New York Post in October 2014, “I don’t like being at the forefront. It’s not really my cup of tea.”

He went on to attend Ithaca College as a business major and lacrosse player, where he graduated summa cum laude in 2010. According to his LinkedIn, he was the co-founder and CEO of the online shopping app Vigme before working in several directorial positions at real estate firms.

Aliana has closely followed in stride with her older sister. She’s made small appearances in films over the years alongside her sister, as well as episodes of various reality TV shows, including Living Lohan and Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. She was 9 when she released her first album, Lohan Holiday, followed by several singles.

Despite following a similar career path to Lindsay, Aliana told PEOPLE in July 2023 that she “never felt like I was in a shadow.”

“I would’ve been doing this with or without my sister being Lindsay Lohan, and Lindsay knows that, and Lindsay would’ve been doing this with or without me being her sister,” she added. “We grew up with it around us.”

Though Dakota grew up mostly out of the spotlight like his older brother, he has since gone on to pursue modeling full-time, appearing in Esquire magazine and working with luxury brands. He was previously signed to IMG Models and is currently represented by ONE Management.

Dakota told W Magazine in December 2016 that he credits his family for giving him “the push” toward following this path, explaining, “I’m a student and a surfer—I’ve always put both of those interests first—but it was my family who gave me the confidence to undertake modeling.”

They're supportive of one another

Lindsay Lohan's 3 Siblings: All About Michael Jr., Aliana and Dakota (3)

Lindsay wasn’t Aliana’s only inspiration for her career. She shared the roots of her creative pursuits on a September 2022 episode of The Lohdown with Lindsay Lohan podcast.

In addition to admiring her older sister’s career, Aliana also cited her grandfather’s organ-playing skills and her mother’s dancing past as her inspiration to become a singer.

"Lindsay, your voice is incredible," Aliana said. "I grew up around you ... recording in the Hamptons, always recording. I learned from you."

The Freaky Friday star returned the compliment, calling her sister’s voice “inspiring.”

“It's so soulful and so deep, and your words, really — they're peaceful,” Lindsay added. “It's so self-expressive in such a beautiful way, which is not an easy thing to do as an artist. I want people to hear more of that from you."

On the fashion front, Lindsay cheered Aliana and Dakota on from the front row of Christian Siriano’s fashion show in February 2023.

Lindsay recognizes her career’s impact on her siblings

Lindsay Lohan's 3 Siblings: All About Michael Jr., Aliana and Dakota (4)

While Lindsay has opened up about media scrutiny and her past mistakes in interviews, she has also discussed the impact that her career and choices had on Michael Jr., Aliana and Dakota.

“Growing up, my siblings definitely had it harder than most kids their age because I was such a public figure that they couldn’t really escape any of the results of the things I did, by mistake, in front of the public eye,” she explained in a YouTube video for Vogue.

Lindsay shared that as she got older, she "had to really lead by example" and came to understand her priorities. “Over time, you realize how important family is more than anything else in the world," she added.

Now, if she has "an opportunity to involve my sister and my brother," she jumps on it "because you have someone so important to share it with, and those are the memories that count.”

Lindsay has worked with Aliana

Lindsay Lohan's 3 Siblings: All About Michael Jr., Aliana and Dakota (5)

Decades after her siblings played minor on-screen roles in The Parent Trap, Lindsay reunited with her sister in Netflix’s Falling for Christmas.

Aliana portrayed the character Bianca, a member of the glam squad assigned to Lindsay’s character, Sierra. She was also featured on the movie’s soundtrack with her rendition of “Jingle Bells" and her original single "Without You."

Aliana described working with her sister as “incredible” in a July 2023 interview with PEOPLE.

“Having done a Christmas album, to be able to have my music in a Christmas movie was just very full circle,” she added. “Even to my kids in the future, it’ll be so cool to say, ‘Mommy did a song in her sister’s film and was able to act with her.’ I don’t really have many words. I’m just so grateful.”

Lindsay and her siblings have started a new generation

Lindsay Lohan's 3 Siblings: All About Michael Jr., Aliana and Dakota (6)

There’s a new generation of the Lohan family among the siblings.

Michael Jr. welcomed daughter Isabel Scarlet with his wife, Nina Ginsberg, in June 2021. Lindsay told Cosmopolitan in October 2022 that the first thing she does when she comes home to New York is stop by to see Isabel, who she said is “the cutest thing ever.”

Lindsay and her husband also welcomed their first child, son Luai, in July 2023. The actress’ father expressed his excitement for his daughter and son-in-law to PEOPLE in July 2023.

"All I can say is I'm so so happy for Lindsay and Bader! They will be amazing parents," he said. "We are all truly blessed in so many ways! Michael has a little girl so this is the first little boy in the family and it’s just wonderful.”

Dakota said he was “over the moon” in an Instagram post after visiting Lindsay, Shammas and Luai in Dubai, where the couple live. He wrote in part in the caption, “They have the most precious little baby Luai who lights up their life and everyone who meets him."

She also received support from two of her younger siblings, including Aliana, who described her sister as “an actual angel on earth” after she welcomed her son. She told PEOPLE in July 2023, “She’s incredible, and she’s a born mama. I love her so much, and I really look up to her so much.”

Lindsay Lohan's 3 Siblings: All About Michael Jr., Aliana and Dakota (2024)


Who is Lindsay Lohan's brother in real life? ›

Meet the Lohans: Dina, 61, the stage mum who was a trained dancer; dad Michael Sr, 63, an ex-Wall Street broker with a handful of reality TV appearances under his belt; and brother Michael 'Mike' Jnr, 36, who left the showbiz world for real estate.

Who is Lindsay Lohan's biological mother? ›

She is the eldest child of Dina (née Sullivan) and Michael Lohan. Her father, a former Wall Street trader, has been in trouble with the law on several occasions. Her mother is a former singer and dancer.

Is Lindsay Lohan's brother in Irish Wish? ›

Lindsey Lohan's brother, Dakota Lohan, is cast in Irish Wish as Finn, making this only the latest film he has made with his sister.

Does Lindsay Lohan have a twin sister in real life? ›

She has been working at PEOPLE since 2022. Her work has previously appeared in and NBC News. Lindsay Lohan may not have a twin like in The Parent Trap, but she does have three younger siblings, Michael Jr., Aliana and Dakota.

Who was Lindsay Lohan's double? ›

Erin Mackey got her showbiz start at age 11, playing Lindsay Lohan's double in the 1998 film The Parent Trap.

Who is Lindsay Lohan's husband now? ›

Lindsay Lohan welcomed a baby with her husband, financier Bader Shammas, in 2023. After being romantically linked in early 2020, Lohan revealed on Instagram in late 2021 that she and Shammas were engaged.

Who is Lindsay Lohan's cousin? ›

Kevin Lohan, first cousin of actress Lindsay Lohan, has committed to play hockey for the Wolverines.

What ethnicity is Lindsay Lohan? ›

Early life. Lohan's parents are Dina Lohan and Michael Lohan, both of whom are of Irish and Italian descent. She has a sister named Ali Lohan. Lindsay Dee Lohan was born in The Bronx borough of New York City, on July 02,1986, to Dina Lohan and Michael Lohan.

Was Dina Lohan a rockette? ›

Only problem: She's not. In 2007, the New York Post found that Radio City had no record of a Dina Lohan or Donata Sullivan (her maiden name) ever being a Rockette.

When was Lindsay Lohan's breakdown? ›

Starting in 2007, Lohan's life became plagued by legal issues and battles with addiction which led to career setbacks and near bankruptcy.

Who is Lindsay Lohan's significant other? ›

Are Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Seyfried friends? ›

Lindsay Lohan talks about Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert: "The 3 of us are friends. I love Amanda and she's done so well with her career. She's such a great actress and Lacey as well. We're good friends and that's what matters most.

Who was the body double in Parent Trap? ›

Lindsay Lohan does not have a twin sister, and she used a body double for some scenes in The Parent Trap. Erin Mackey was Lohan's body double for scenes where the characters interacted with each other. Mackey has had success in both film and Broadway, starring in productions like Wicked and Annie.

Who is Lindsay Lohan's real mother? ›

Dina Lohan — former star of reality television show “Living Lohan” and mother of actress Lindsay Lohan — recently spoke to multiple media outlets about her recent experience with the facial plastic surgery procedures that have allowed her to feel more youthful.

Does Lindsay Lohan's sister sing? ›

Ali, 28, is one of Lindsay's three siblings, and recently appeared alongside her famous sister in her comeback film Falling for Christmas. She also wrote and sang one of the songs in the flick's soundtrack, "Without You."

Was Lindsay Lohan's brother in The Parent Trap? ›

Long before joining the property industry, Lohan Jr dabbled in acting just like his famous sister. Per his IMDB page, he had a cameo in The Parent Trap with his sister back in 1998, and has also played himself in E! True Hollywood Story, Living Lohan and Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club.

Who is Lindsay Lohan related to? ›

The Mean Girls alum is the daughter of Dina and Michael Lohan, who welcomed the actress into the world on July 2, 1986. As Lindsay ascended to fame as a child star, her mom became her manager, and dad Michael, who initially worked on Wall Street, also entered the public eye as Lindsay's father.

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