Online Makeup Courses | Lessons Near Me In NY, CA, TX, FL, PA, GA (2024)

Online Makeup Courses | Lessons Near Me In NY, CA, TX, FL, PA, GA (1)

Online Makeup Courses | Lessons Near Me In NY, CA, TX, FL, PA, GA (2)

91% of graduates get certified within two months


CLICK the "ENROLL NOW" button, and after completing the checkout process and RECEIVE access to the course.

10 expertly curated modules, 50+ hours of training video, hands-on assignments, quizzes to reinforce learning and downloadable resources.

  • • Gaining a competitive edge in real-life makeup artistry

    • Professionalism and industry standards expected of MUAs

    • How to set up the perfect makeup station

    • Setting goals and motivation to help reach your career goals

    • Must-have items in your makeup kit

    • Comprehensive overview of a professional brush set

    • Professional makeup artist appearance and manners

    • Meeting your client’s expectations

    • Perfect base matching for each client

    • Creating the perfect canvas through color correction and theory

    • Concealing application techniques and nuances

    • Applying makeup on different skin tones

    • Emergency kit - how to always be prepared for the unexpected

  • • Professional hygiene and sanitation practices

    • How to professionally clean makeup brushes

    • Disposable tools in professional makeup artistry

    • Updated post-COVID-19 sanitation protocol

  • • Skin type evaluation to create the perfect “canvas”

    • Dry skin

    • Combinational skin

    • Oily skin

    • Mature skin

    • Normal skin

    • Primer application and nuances

  • • Natural makeup demo lesson

    • Transition from natural to evening

    • Carbon black smokey eye application

    • Long-lasting lipstick application technique

    • Nude makeup application for fair and dark skin

  • • Beauty sponges: when and how to use it

    • Casual makeup with a matte finish for set/TV/film

    • Glamour makeup application with a dewy skin finish

  • • Bridal makeup as a money-maker niche

    • Airbrush makeup application, tools, and products

    • Bridal makeup application: from inspo to stunning looks

    • How to properly transition to a dramatic bridal look

    • Bump up bridal look using glitter

    • How to properly consult the brides

    • Bridal Contract PDF

  • • How to prevent or fix cakey foundation

    • Professional male grooming for TV, headshots, and more

    • Working with kids

    • Mastering makeup for mature skin

    • Transitioning natural mature makeup to an evening look

  • • Proper coverage of scars, black spots, pimples

    • Cool eyeshadow technique

  • • Halo eye technique and eye pencil

    • Professional application of gel eyeliner

    • How to apply individual eyelashes

    • Shaping eyebrows to frame your client's face

    • Professional strobing for a luminous effect

    • Natural contouring technique

  • • How to get makeup pro cards and discounts

    • Photoshoot etiquette and industry insider tips

    • Makeup application for sensitive skin and acne
    • Life saving tricks for makeup artists

    • Creativity as the key to success in makeup artistry

    • Expert interview with Charles McLoughlin

Get personalized VIDEO FEEDBACK from a dedicated instructor, bringing the in-class education to your home.

Online Makeup Courses | Lessons Near Me In NY, CA, TX, FL, PA, GA (7)

We offer a unique HYBRID APPROACH combining the convenience of online courses with personalized video feedback from our dedicated instructors based in NEW YORK. Your personal mentors provide constructive critiques and tailored advice, nurturing individual strengths and addressing areas of improvement.

Elite NYC expert with 10+ years of experience

Online Makeup Courses | Lessons Near Me In NY, CA, TX, FL, PA, GA (8)

Mariana Bull

Lead Instructor

Born in Brazil and raised in New York, Mariana Bull attended the Make-Up Designory where she studied fashion, bridal, film, theater makeup and hairstyling. From there, she began working on fashion shoots in New York and as a freelancer for weddings and film.

She has developed relationships with many of the photographers and fashion brands with whom she still works doing beautiful photos and campaigns.
She worked with: Vogue, Chanel,OK Mag and many celebrities such as Anna Wintour. Mariana wants to share this approach with other makeup lovers to help them make their dreams come true.

Receive your Master Makeup kit

OMA Pro-Line Blush Palette
OMA Pro-Line Contour Palette
Pro-Line Foundation Palette
Pro Marble Eyeshadow Palette
Metal Plate With Spatula
Concealer Palette
Imagic Lip Palette
Imagic Eyeshadow Palette
22-Pieces Professional Brush Set
False Eyelashes
Color Wheel
for MUA's
Makeup Bag

Total value: $399

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FREE shipping from New York. The estimated shipping time is 3-5 days,international shipping will take longer.The makeup kit is subject to change.

Easy Halloween Makeup Looks

Online Makeup Courses | Lessons Near Me In NY, CA, TX, FL, PA, GA (21)

This Masterclass is designed as a hands-on workshop. Your Los Angeles based tutor Krystle Feher brings knowledge and 13 years of extensive experience in Film and TV.
Fundamentals of Halloween makeup, tips and tricks on how to plan ahead of the Halloween Season and maximize your income as an artist.
Looks that you can create in 30 minutes, 2 hours, and full-body designs for which you can charge a premium price.
Comprehensive overview of makeup and tools you will need to start as a Halloween makeup artist.

Get OMACA approved certificate

Online Makeup Courses | Lessons Near Me In NY, CA, TX, FL, PA, GA (22)

Certification builds trust and opens doors to broader career opportunities, from working with high-end clients to collaborating with renowned beauty brands.

Academy Registered Accreditation Number: ICOES/00763/0771

Course ID number:OMA-2501X

Up to 40% off in brands such as Make Up For Ever, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Zuca, Smashbox, Temptu and much more.

Online Makeup Courses | Lessons Near Me In NY, CA, TX, FL, PA, GA (23)

Upon graduation, you will qualify immediately to obtain PRO Card memberships from our partners Frends Beauty and Nigels Beauty Emporium. These industry-preferred online companies will provide up to 40% off.

We understand that PRO card opportunities are a vital key to a professional Makeup Artist's success as you look to expand and add on to your professional tools.

Marketing and advertising for master makeup artists

Online Makeup Courses | Lessons Near Me In NY, CA, TX, FL, PA, GA (24)

Today, more than ever before, people need to make their dreams come true by being financially independent. We will guide you in building your portfolio, website, and different marketing strategies while you are learning.

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As low as $57/month

Master makeup kit is included
21-day money-back guarantee*
Unlimited postgraduate support

Online Makeup Academy welcomes students from all over the world to enroll and does not have a minimum age or education requirement.

*we are committed to the safety of our customers and employees and not allowing makeup product returns. The value of the kit will be withheld.

Online Makeup Courses | Lessons Near Me In NY, CA, TX, FL, PA, GA (35)

1. Click the "ENROLL NOW" button and complete the checkout process.
2. You will gain access to the course using your unique log in within 24 hours.
3. You will have an unlimited amount of time to complete the course.
4. Beginning in module 3 you are given assignments to complete and submit.
5. Please submit before & after photo, description of each look, and a printed upload form.
6. You will have to take a multiple-choice final exam at the end of the course.
7. You will receive your certificate after completing and submitting all module assignments, and once they have been reviewed, confirmed, and answered by our professional Makeup Artist course instructors.
8. You have 21-day money-back guarantee to test if the course is right for you.

Our mission is to provide you with a rich and personalized learning experience, that will help you to become a professional makeup artist,all from the comfort of your home.From initial contact to graduation, we want every communication you have with the school to be exceptional and memorable.

Online Makeup Courses | Lessons Near Me In NY, CA, TX, FL, PA, GA (36)

Receiving more than 7 hours of video training (digital)
Having lifetime access to makeup videos
Employing quality, hands-on practice (calling all volunteers!)
Completing fun assignments
Sharing your work online
Receiving evaluations and feedback on your work
Receiving your certificate showing that you have completed the Online Makeup Course (upon course completion)

Makeup artistry is a very marketable skill (especially if you live in a big city like Houston, San Antonio, or Dallas) and it is one that you can take with you anywhere you go. You can feel confident and satisfied knowing that you are doing everything you need to do while still having time for yourself. You could be earning the salary of a professional makeup artist and the job possibilities really are endless. With Online Makeup Academy, you won’t need to travel away from home, you won’t need to spend time away from your family and you won’t need to break the bank over tuition fees. So what is stopping you from taking control of your life and doing what you want to do?

As we all know, it’s a tough job market out there in the world. People are working longer hours for less money, and jobs don’t have the security they once did. But guess what? Makeup artists are actually on the rise! Say thanks to ZOOM and social media.

Online Makeup Courses | Lessons Near Me In NY, CA, TX, FL, PA, GA (37)

Our job industry has grown by more than 40 percent in the last 10 years, and it’s supposed to continue to increase over the next five! That means there’s no shortage of business in your desired field. If that wasn’t enough to persuade you, here are four more reasons why you should join us today:

Doing What You Love

They say that once you’re doing what you love, you never work a day in your life. If you truly love being creative and have a passion for makeup, this is a field that will always satisfy your true desires. This is more than a job, it’s a true career.

Convenient & Flexible Learning

Until you’re ready to do this full-time, you need the flexibility to learn at your own pace. That’s why you’ll have the ability to watch videos and practice as much as you want, long before you submit your work to be critiques by Mariana. Practice, practice, practice!

Industry-Leading Education

You can pick up techniques here and there from any makeup artist, but our program features real-life celebrity makeup artist Mariana Bull. Don’t settle for other programs that use outdated information or techniques. Choose us, and be assured that you are receiving only the very best training available today!

Money Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us within the first 21 days, and we will provide you with a refund. The 21 days start when you get access to the course. The value of the makeup kits received are not refundable due to hygiene and sanitation guidelines. We are committed to the safety of our customers and employees and not allowing makeup product returns.

Best places in the US to be a makeup artist in 2023

Los Angeles, Brooklyn, New York, The Bronx, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

Online Makeup Courses | Lessons Near Me In NY, CA, TX, FL, PA, GA (2024)
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