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Strip "i I Criip 1rnnarnla Journal Monday, Jonuary 25, 1960 News of Servicemen and Women Police Probe Mysterious Death of Miller's Mother CHICAGO (UPD Police sought Sunday to determine what or nerhaps. who had caused the Police ordered a thorough autopsy to determine exactly ho Mrs. Miller had died. howitzer section chief in Battery and Bnrrotiph is an ammunitions section chief in Battery A. Missile Lead Of Russians Is Minimized because "she liked to be with her own tilings." Mrs.

Miller's body, was discovered by the Millers' son, Walter who gained entrance by forcing his way into the apartment. Airman 3 Etigpne Crcswell visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. A.

Creswell of Bcllview, while on leave. He is stationed at F.lmendorf Air Force Base, Anchorage, Alaska. been beaten to death by "the mob." "I was a policeman for 33 years and I know a beating when I see it," Miller said. "She would have had to have fallen 40 times to get the kind of bruises she did." death of Mrs. Genevieve Miller, wife of slain gangster Roger Touhy's wounded bodyguard, Walter Miller.

Doctors said Mrs. Miller appar- Marine Pvt. John B. Sanders son of Mr. and Mrs.

John B. Sanders 6218 Palafox is serving at the Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, N. C. Miss Barbara MILTON THEATRE MILTON, FLORIDA NOW SHOWING Mrs. Miller, 54, was found i ently fell after suffering either a bruised and unconscious on her) stroke or heart attack probably kitchen floor two weeks ago.

She: two days before she was found. a Have You Seen died Saturday, never having re Miller said this was not so. He said he was sure his wife had a tu ail ST AMINO WASHINGTON (AP) Taking issue with some of his colleagues. Sen. Leverett Saltonstall (R-Mass) declared Sunday, "I do not agree that there is this great missile gap." 1 "uiiiiuu Nil gained consciousness.

Hospital officials said Mrs. Miller died of "unknown causes." PETER PALMER is mm Elnora Spencer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. P.

Peake, 1610 East Baars sta-J tinned at the U.S. Naval Hospital, Camp Pendleton, has been! promoted to lieu-! tenant junior! LESLIE FAMISH II AT i fll WHITE STUBSr KAYE II TDAnrn lAki'r i JEnOAfPf? Miller, an ex police sergeant, Larry P. Taylor, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Taylor, 811 Farr Niceville.

and Harold F. Grant, son of Ulysses S. Grant, 2501 W. Maxwell were graduated from recruit training Jan. 22 at the Naval Training Center, San Diego, Calif.

lv P1LAUO jf I 1 JppMJ'mmm HE 2-1505 SALE Vz OFF Of oil Winter Merchandise Ut F.N.I. Cham GUYS DOLLS 2 Hoftmon Center, Gulf Breet Saltonstall, the senior Republi-i charged she had been killed by can on the Senate Armed Serv- the same gangsters who shot-ices Committee, thus gave sup-! gunned Touhy to death and, in port to the new Pentagon view! the shooting, wounded Miller, that there is "no deterrent gap" Miller said it was his belief the in over-all U. S. military strength gangsters had come to the Miller as compared to the Soviet Union, i apartment looking for him follow- "We are ahead of the Russians ing the Touhy shooting. Two Pensacolians were gradu-j grade.

miss OPEN 11:45 A.M. Spencer entered atec Dec. Iti from the Naval Air the Navv in Training Command's Chid Petty; 1 K1jj4.a 4 ''i? SPENCER March, Ifi.iri. Officer Leadership School at the. Naval Air Station.

Pensacola. They! Winston M. Jensen, 3()'B Lawrence Pilaud, chief avia-i enlist Prf in thp lion machinist's mate, 3207 Hem-, in the general opinion on certain MATINEE, ADULTS 75c, EVENING 90c, CHILDREN 35c All Day sjfto The Staggerekg Story Of The Strongest J-LK a Who Ever Lived! parts of the missile problem, he Miller, just out of the hospital at the time, had gone to live in a "secret" apartment. He said said. "Where they are ahead of us is in the question ot thrust.

Now, they have a greater thrust Corps and is undergoing 12 weeks St- of the ''ier of boot camp training after which! Mlss Dolhve Breeland of Varnado, he will go to Camp Lejeune Henrjr M- White Jr' chlef for a four-wppfe- mnr in aviation machinist's mate, 106 Mrs. Miller had stayed behind than we have because they went Beech Pinehurst, husband of EN 412 i. Cervantes HE 3-2328 OPEN 4:45 P.M. combat training. the former Miss Emily R.

Chavis a jamca n. naumway, wnose Wifp. anA nornnlc 1T. NOW SHOWING All Scatt 90c at it sooner." In a taped radio interview, the Massachusetts senator backed most of the administration's defense plans as outlined in the new budget for the fiscal year starting July 1. But Saltonstall criticized what he described as a slight neglect in keeping this country pre Mrs.

Raymond B. Hathaway', live' Marine Pvt. Carl E. Wethering- TODAY THRU WEONESOAV in color "BELOVED INFIDEL" Qrogory Peck-Deborah Korr ALSO in color "THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH" MSti 1 ViJ. rOafc at zui second Milton has il'" 3U" assigned to Headquarters Com- 537 E- Creighton completed I GILES SMITH pany of the U.

S. Army garrison at recruit Jan. 14 at the Fort Myers Va. i Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Par- iris Island, S. C.

pared to deal with limited war. Richard E. Giles, husband the former Miss Janice J. Anderson. The problem of brush wars is 14914 Mobile was promoted 1 'iiV one thing Congress will certainlv Joseph E.

Cranmer, quarter- to yeoman first class Dec. lfi while Harry L. Mills, son of Mr. and Mrs. Archibald S.

Mills, 327 Edge-water a platoon leader in the 169th Engineer Battalion's Com TODAY AND TUESDAY In Color master 1C. USN. son of Mr. and serving at Pensacola. He is tlie Mrs.

M. H. Cranmer, 717 Whitney son of Mrs. Lenore M. Giles, Roa arrived at Port Lyttelton, N.

noke, Va. pany was promoted to first "YELLOWSTONE KELLY" Clint Walker-Edward By mat ALSO "BATTLE OF THE CORAL SEA" Cliff Mobortion-Qia Sea I a go into, Saltonstall said. He said this would include "the question of airlift for the Army and the question of enough reserves for the Army and whether the Army today is spread out too thin in our perimeters of defense like Japan and Europe and Turkey." lieutenant at Fort Stewart Ga iZ" McMurdo hound, ah-i a tirst solo ingnt was macie uec. the most danig love story ever filmed! TKelpVER.S R3? PLUS CARTOON '-LAMARR MATURE SAN DERS-IANSBURY-W11C0X0N STARTS SUNDAY "THE MIRACLE" THE TECHNICOLOR STORY OF TERESA WHO WAS NOT LIKE THE OTHERS! Mills is a 1958 graduate of Jan- aooara uw atiacit, oy wavy tns uoraun i Citadel cargo ship USS Arneb after a son of Mr. and Mrs.

Paul L. Smith, month's participation in this year's FJelton. and husband of the Armv Sfc. Fred C. Wilkins, son i Operation Deepfreeze 60.

iiwiner Miss Carolyn H. Harris, of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. W.

Blount St 797 E. Pine Crestview, has' IN GERMANY with the U. S. Smith attended the University of been assigned to Battery of the Army Pensacolians Thomas H.1 Missouri before entering the lugnt Artillerv at Fort Bliss. Tex.

IGaheiiv and John C. Hall, were training program. mmmrrnmm There have been complaints that not enough planes are available to fly sufficient troops quickly to trouble spots. And protests have been raised over attempts to cut STARTS FRIDAY in color "GREAT SIOUX UPRISING" Jeff Chandler ALSO in color "SEMINOLE" Alan L.l'.ld 'promoted to specialist four whilej down the size of the active reserve, particularly since eight of For Women''. Grou The Ideal Locale for Meetings NOW SHOWING ot 1:00, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00 tr 9:00 P.M.

Army Pfc David R. Nelson, son serving with Heavy Mortar But-1 Graduated Dec. 16 trom tne cf David R. Nelson of Bonifay, ar-jtery of the 8th Infantry Division's Naval Air Training Command's rived on Okinawa and is a member5(Mlh Infantry. i Chief Petty Officer Leadership of the 137th Ordnance Company ofj Gaherty, a fire direction center! School at the Naval Air Station, the 14 Army combat divisions are deployed overseas Saltonstall did not sav what the Pensacola, was William Chrastina, the U.

S. Army Ordance Group. computer, is the son of Mr. and basis was for his belief that there Mrs. William F.

Gaherty, Kt. 4, is no great missile gap between chief aviation's machinist's mate, 1322 E. Strong husband of the former Miss Doris V. Mauppin of and Hall, son of Katherine Hall, the United States and the Soviet NOW SHOWING! DOORS OPEN 11:45 A.M. Union.

Nor did he indicate wheth Wynne, Ark. 2216'4 W. Gonzalez St. Sfc. Rheuben A.

Kennedy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ezra P. Kennedy, 688 E. Cobb Crestview, and Sfc.

John J. Burroughs, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe W. Burroughs, Can er he agreed with the method by which Secretary of Defease Thomas S.

Gates Jr. concluded that IRE mil IE.T-SEUEI KPL3XS 81 TIE JCtttl! GENE'S BEAUTY REDUCING SALON 17 Old Corry Field Rd. GL 5-1521 REDUCING HAIR STYLING COSTUME JEWELRY COSMETICS Hiram A. Foster, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs.

Joe H. Foster, Crestview, and husband of the former Miss Bernice E. Sevigny, East "there is no gap in U. S. capabil ity to deter Russia from starting tonment, both have qualified as experts in firing the carbine while iWevmouth.

was promoted a general war. Gates surprised Congress members last week when he said prior estimates of Soviet missile and military power had been revised serving with the 4th Armored Divi- to the rating of senior chief air sion. jcontrolman Dec. 16. while serving Both are in the division's 14th! at the Naval Air Station, Guan-Artillery in Furth.

Kennedy is a'tanamo Bay, Cuba. te jot downward by basing them on "what the Soviet Union probably IJMOV Im MiBrff 'FllitTTf rtr-T would do, as opposed to former CO-FEATURE Jr "H-n I riiTtniriir' iriJiu AJi7'i''-h! GLENN FORD estimates which were made on what they are capable of doing." Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson the Senate Democratic leader, Saturday called this a dangerous method for estimating Soviet power. Others in Congress also expressed skepticism about this unorthodox method of gauging an enemy.

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