Q39 Midtown | Kansas City Barbecue Restaurant in Midtown (2024)

This is where it all started. Located on 39th Street in the heart of Kansas City, Q39’s original Midtown location is where our chef-driven ideas came to life. The welcoming neighborhood and our full-service bar are perfectly suitable for date nights, family gatherings, or whenever you’re craving BBQ.

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Our original location resides in Kansas City’s Midtown, nestled between the historic Westport neighborhood and the vibrant Crossroads arts district. 39th Street is the heart of Midtown and home to a variety of locally-owned shops and restaurants. Q39 Midtown features a rustic-urban style with an energetic dining area, friendly full-service bar, and plenty of free parking. Join us and see for yourself what the best Midtown BBQ in Kansas City looks like.


1000 W 39th St.
Kansas City, MO 64111


Dine-In & Carry Out
Sunday–Thursday: 11AM – 9PM
Friday–Saturday: 11AM – 10PM

Q39 Midtown is located at 1000 W 39th Street in Kansas City, Missouri, near the historic Westport area and down the road from The University of Kansas Medical Center. From North Kansas City, follow 1-35 South and Southwest Traffic Way to exit. Head south to 39th Street and turn west. We guarantee you’ll find a free place to park, whether in our main lot or right next door where we have a marked lot for overflow parking.We are open for dine-in and carry out Sunday–Thursday 11AM-9PM and Friday–Saturday 11AM-10PM. We are closed for national holidays and will always share any special hours on our page so you can plan your next visit with confidence!

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Need food for a crew? Share an authentic Kansas City barbeque experience with guests at your next event by catering with Q39. Our highly rated catering services are easy to book and reliable. Check out our catering menu featuring meal packages, appetizers, beverages, and more! Pair your favorite meal plan with one of our three service options:

Lunch and Corporate Catering: The perfect option for your office lunch, graduation party, or any small- to mid-sized event in between. Our catering team will deliver the food hot and ready to serve, and always right on time. They’ll even take care of setting up the spread, making sure you have all the disposable utensils, plates, and napkins you’ll need. When you’re looking for catering that’s simple, reliable, and delicious, count on Q39 to guarantee unbeatable value and full bellies.

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Party and Wedding Catering: All the bells and whistles. Ideal for weddings, receptions, and other formal events with a large group. Your designated catering team will be on-site to ensure the dinner service is seamless, simple, and satisfying. From serving the appetizers to manning the buffet, and leaving a clean kitchen in our trace, have Q39 catering wow your guests with a BBQ experience worthy of your special event.

Private Dining and Event Space: If you’re looking to treat a group to the ultimate Kansas City BBQ experience, look no further than Q39. Right in the heart of Kansas City, our Blue Ribbon Room at the Midtown location can host up to 52 guests for a private event, or up to 30 guests for a semi-private event. Entertain your guests with indoor AV capabilities, and choose your preference between buffet or family-style service.

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Get to Know Midtown

Q39 Midtown is located on historic 39th Street—a walkable stretch of road running from KU Medical Center to Westport that’s bustling with Kansas City natives and visitors alike. If you’re joining us for lunch, make a day of it and explore the local boutiques such as Do Good Co. to shop and support the non-profit community, or Donna’s Dress Shop to find some vintage flair. Prospero’s Books & Media is another neighborhood staple where you can peruse the shelves until your barbeque craving sets in. After dinner, Midtown and neighboring Westport are prime for nightlife, offering a wide variety of bars and entertainment options that feature live music, comedy shows, trivia nights, and exceptional people-watching. This colorful area in Kansas City offers a little something for everyone!

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Meet the Team

It takes a team of all-stars to serve up championship winning BBQ! Read their biographies to learn more about the leaders and MVPs of the Q39 team.

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Q39 Midtown | Kansas City Barbecue Restaurant in Midtown (2024)
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