Villanova University Common Data Set (2024)

1. Statistics and Reports | Villanova University

  • Common Data Set. Our student enrollment profile provides key University statistics such as enrollment by student type, enrollment by degree level, sex, race, ...

  • Villanova University is a Catholic university founded in 1842 by the Order of Saint Augustine. At Villanova, our educational experience is rooted in a passionate, collaborative pursuit of knowledge and service to others.

2. [PDF] CDS_2022-2023_v1.pdf - Villanova University

  • org/explore/villanova-university ... If you prefer, you can compute the percentages using 1st majors only. CDS-J. Page 25. Page 26. Common Data Set 2019-2020.

3. Villanova University Overview | CollegeData

4. Common Data Set Class of 2022 - 59% ED Acceptance Rate

  • 23 jan 2019 · Common Data Set stats for schools with ED programs that are academic peers of Villanova bear all of this out…e.g. Lehigh- 60% admit rate for ED ...

  • Admissions recently posted their common data set from the class of 2022. The biggest takeaway that I saw was the 58% early decision acceptance rate, which is interesting to note given it was their first time offering it. To see the rest of the information from Class of 2022 follow this link:

Common Data Set Class of 2022 - 59% ED Acceptance Rate

5. Common Data Sets - College Lists Wiki - PBworks

  • Common Data Sets. The Common Data Set (CDS) is an effort among data providers in the higher education community and publishers as represented by the College ...

  • The Common Data Set (CDS) is an effort among data providers in the higher education community and publishers as represented by the College Board, Peterson's, and U.S. News & World Report, to improve the database's quality, accuracy and uniformity of higher education information provided annually.  U.S. Department of Education's data items and definitions for two- and four-year colleges are used so schools' data can be easily compared across institutions.

6. Villanova University - DFR Report PDF - Department of Education

  • This report is based on data supplied by institutions to IPEDS during 2020-21 data collection year. Response rates exceeded 99% for most surveys. IPEDS data ...

  • The custom comparison group chosen by Villanova University includes the following 13 institutions:

7. Villanova University (216597) | Data USA

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  • Villanova University (216597) is a higher education institution located in Delaware County, PA. In 2022, the most popular Masters Degree concentrations at Villanova University (216597) were General Business Administration & Management (270 degrees awarded), Human Resource Development (157 degrees), and Tax Law (108 degrees).

Villanova University (216597) | Data USA

8. Villanova University Graduation Rate & Demographics | CollegeData

  • Villanova UniversityStudent Demographics & Graduation Rate Information ; American Indian/Alaskan Native. 0% ; Asian. 7.4% ; Black/African-American. 5.9% ; Hispanic/ ...

  • Check out Villanova University's graduation rate, retention rate, enrollment numbers and other student demographics to help you make that important decision.

Villanova University Common Data Set (2024)
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